Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pizza Luce, Minneapolis, MN

My last meal in Minneapolis was a great one.  We got delivery from Pizza Luce, which has 3 Minneapolis locations and lots of vegan options.  I was up for pizza but changed my tune when I saw the menu, though I heard the pizza is good.  I ordered heaps for maximum sampleage!  I got the veggie nuggets, a salad and the Mock Sausage Parm that Lauren and I shared.

Let's start with the nuggets.  I was hesitant to get them just cause I thought they might be something just out of the box that I could make at home.  Nope!  These were better than any brand I tasted.  They were super dense and meaty plus they had that whole deep-fried factor.

veggie nugs with bbq sauce and dijonaise
The salad was good, pretty standard, make sure you ask for no cheese on it.  I got the Greek dressing which is an herby vinaigrette.  And the mock sausage parm was phenom!  The menu description: 
This little piggy says ha-ha-ha all the way home.  Seasoned mock duck smothered in our classic red sauce and Rinotta*, our homemade “uncheese” made from tofu and cashews. Topped with onions and tomatoes. *Contains nuts. 
The bread, the mock duck, the 'rinotta' (great name!) ...I'll be dreaming of this sammie for awhile.  And my omni girl with whom I shared it loved it too.

Nice job, Minneapolis!


Lori said...

Looks so yummy, Minneapolis here I come! said...


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