Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ecopolitan, Minneapolis, MN

Ecopolitan is Minneapolis's only all-vegan raw restaurant.  The city does have lots of veg-friendly places, and vegan pizza options (which we're hopefully having tonight!)  When my friend was at work yesterday I went on a lunch-time mission to Ecopolitan.  I had checked out the website beforehand and saw that there's also a health center and shop where the restaurant is located.  I set off and ended up walking the whole way there.  It was a sunny cool afternoon and I strolled for about 45 minutes.  The Ecopolitan house is located in Minne's Uptown neighborhood and all the leaves on this tree-lined portion of street had turned bright yellow.

In the hallway to the left is their health center and to the right is the small-ish restaurant with 2 front seating areas and a juice/smoothie bar in the back.  

I went round back and was seated and hung out with the menu for a bit.  There was lots that looked good!  I went with the "chili cheese" burrito and loved it.

collard leaf wrap with lentil "taco meat", fresh veggies, sprouts, sunflower seeds, cashew "sour cream" and pine nut not-cho "cheese", served with fresh guac and salsa.  optional hot sauce?  yes please!
This burrito truly was the sum of it's parts adding up to a delicious and satisfying meal.  I'm not a raw eater by any means and I was definitely impressed.  Two more tables showed up while I was there and since the place was small and empty we chatted a little.  According to them, the purple kale salad and the eco-sausage pizza were great too.


Jay said...

That Burrito looks incredible! Holy moly.

Keryl Cryer said...

Hi, Amy,

Would you mind if The Vegetarian Resource Group used your picture of Ecopolitan's exterior in an upcoming issue of Vegetarian Journal? We would of course credit you and/or your blog! Please e-mail me at for details.

Keryl Cryer
Senior Editor, Vegetarian Journal