Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sushi Night: in haiku and photos

Step 1:  The Rinse

Like a cool, clear brook
so shall run the tap water
over sushi rice.

Step 2:  Making the rice

Like base jumping or 
climbing Mt Everest, only
the bold cook with steam.

Step 3:  Prepping the ingredients

Ribbons of carrots,
cucumbers too.  Just call me
Amy Scissorhands.

Step 4: Get your roll on

Eating sushi's great
but what I love even more?
Playing with my food!

Step 5:  The Feed

Sushi is snatched up
faster than I can roll it,
Lightning fast chopsticks


WICogen said...

Flavours please the palate
Tummy full
Happy, Omnivore dad is.

Lori said...

Daughter home cooking
delicious sushi dinner
Cannot ask for more.

jay said...


Vanessa said...

Tofu sushi? I'm sold. <3

grahamardner said...

Homemade sushi = awesome! Great haiku also! :)