Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pizza Luce, Minneapolis, MN

My last meal in Minneapolis was a great one.  We got delivery from Pizza Luce, which has 3 Minneapolis locations and lots of vegan options.  I was up for pizza but changed my tune when I saw the menu, though I heard the pizza is good.  I ordered heaps for maximum sampleage!  I got the veggie nuggets, a salad and the Mock Sausage Parm that Lauren and I shared.

Let's start with the nuggets.  I was hesitant to get them just cause I thought they might be something just out of the box that I could make at home.  Nope!  These were better than any brand I tasted.  They were super dense and meaty plus they had that whole deep-fried factor.

veggie nugs with bbq sauce and dijonaise
The salad was good, pretty standard, make sure you ask for no cheese on it.  I got the Greek dressing which is an herby vinaigrette.  And the mock sausage parm was phenom!  The menu description: 
This little piggy says ha-ha-ha all the way home.  Seasoned mock duck smothered in our classic red sauce and Rinotta*, our homemade “uncheese” made from tofu and cashews. Topped with onions and tomatoes. *Contains nuts. 
The bread, the mock duck, the 'rinotta' (great name!) ...I'll be dreaming of this sammie for awhile.  And my omni girl with whom I shared it loved it too.

Nice job, Minneapolis!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ecopolitan, Minneapolis, MN

Ecopolitan is Minneapolis's only all-vegan raw restaurant.  The city does have lots of veg-friendly places, and vegan pizza options (which we're hopefully having tonight!)  When my friend was at work yesterday I went on a lunch-time mission to Ecopolitan.  I had checked out the website beforehand and saw that there's also a health center and shop where the restaurant is located.  I set off and ended up walking the whole way there.  It was a sunny cool afternoon and I strolled for about 45 minutes.  The Ecopolitan house is located in Minne's Uptown neighborhood and all the leaves on this tree-lined portion of street had turned bright yellow.

In the hallway to the left is their health center and to the right is the small-ish restaurant with 2 front seating areas and a juice/smoothie bar in the back.  

I went round back and was seated and hung out with the menu for a bit.  There was lots that looked good!  I went with the "chili cheese" burrito and loved it.

collard leaf wrap with lentil "taco meat", fresh veggies, sprouts, sunflower seeds, cashew "sour cream" and pine nut not-cho "cheese", served with fresh guac and salsa.  optional hot sauce?  yes please!
This burrito truly was the sum of it's parts adding up to a delicious and satisfying meal.  I'm not a raw eater by any means and I was definitely impressed.  Two more tables showed up while I was there and since the place was small and empty we chatted a little.  According to them, the purple kale salad and the eco-sausage pizza were great too.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Minneapolis doncha know!

Dinner this past Sunday night was made even more delicious by the wonderful company.  So cheesy but it's true!  I'm visiting my friend Lauren whom I haven't seen for years.  She and her husband recently moved to Minneapolis so I've stopped here in Minnesota on my way out to Montana.  The night I arrived, they made an awesome feed for us featuring this amazing chili.  Definitely as good as at Angelica's Kitchen last week.  I don't have the exact recipe just yet but it was full of portobellos, black beans, corn, tomatoes, some peppers and zucchini?, roasted serrano chiles.  Very flavorful and well-balanced. We also had beet salad, cornbread and guacamolemolemole.  Yum!

Friday, November 4, 2011

NYC_post 3

Hi ya'll!  I'm writing to you from the road.  I'm excited to post about vegan treats on this road-trip, but first, some more NYC food pics.  Last Friday 5 great friends and I went to Angelica Kitchen on e12th street between 1st and 2nd.  It's a fun place with daily specials that, in my experience, are amazing.  We started out with three appetizers.

walnut-lentil pate
curried cashew spread

WONDERAPP!  baked potato croquettes stuffed with almond-parsley pesto,
topped with dill-tofu sour cream and served with kale salad.
Yes, as good as it sounds!
"Ole Man Setian", 2 friends ordered this and not a crumb remained on the plates
wee dragon bowl.  not very wee!  with crack black sesame-wasabi dressing
hot open face tempeh sandwich.  so purdy.
chili.  bold choice and a good one at that!  i think someone might have
lost part of a finger in the fight for the last piece of cornbread.
I didn't get/can't find the pic of one of my fave dishes of the night, a tamale special.  It was so creamy and wonderful with seitan, peppers and some sauce that was so good I'm convinced sorcery was involved.  We also got 2 desserts.  I like Angelica Kitchen with their vegan menu that pleases most, their BYO policy and their good location.  Next time I'm lucky enough to be up in NYC with a group of my closest girls, we'll probably branch out to a different spot but just because there are so many other places to try!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

NYC_post 2

Dinner last night with 2 friends and 3 queens in Queens was topped off with homemade applesauce baked in little pumpkins.  (They're little pumpkins)

You scrape the soft pumpkin insides with your fork and mix it with the applesauce and it's warm and cinnamon-ny and so delicious.  Thanks Brent and crew ...great treats with some great tricks!

NYC_post 1

I'm in New York, people!  (Without the comma that sentence reads 'I'm in New York people!' and what does that even mean?)  I'm staying at my bestie's place in Astoria, visiting friends and family and generally rockin out.
On Tuesday we rented a car and drove upstate.

the golf course right near my old house
Katherine and I visited friends and I took a trip to my old high school.  Wow.  I wandered around with my old neighbor (who is a current student) and we watched her sister's volleyball game with her mom and grandma.  It was great!  We got snacks at the ice cream shop across the street, Take-A-Break, and we had dinner at my friend's parents' house.  Her mom made this amazing Indian spiced chickpea tomato dish.  We ate it over brown jasmine rice.

Thanks Mrs V!

Looking forward to dinner on Friday at Angelica Kitchen

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sushi Night: in haiku and photos

Step 1:  The Rinse

Like a cool, clear brook
so shall run the tap water
over sushi rice.

Step 2:  Making the rice

Like base jumping or 
climbing Mt Everest, only
the bold cook with steam.

Step 3:  Prepping the ingredients

Ribbons of carrots,
cucumbers too.  Just call me
Amy Scissorhands.

Step 4: Get your roll on

Eating sushi's great
but what I love even more?
Playing with my food!

Step 5:  The Feed

Sushi is snatched up
faster than I can roll it,
Lightning fast chopsticks